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Education for Health Development
in the

Reynaldo O. Joson, MD, MHPEd, MHA, MS Surg
Designer, Developer and Facilitator



Health development in the Philippines through education


  • To promote a dynamically improving health education in health as well as nonhealth institutions using the following:

1.1 Agents

1.1.1 Curriculum
1.1.2 Educators
1.1.3 Students

1.2 Tools

1.2.1 Services
1.2.2 Research

1.3 Strategies

1.3.1 Multisectoral cooperation
1.3.2 Outreach program

  • To conduct health education to the public

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  • Flagship Programs:

Distance Education in Medicine
Distance Education in General Surgery
Problem-based Learning in Medicine
Problem-based Learning Medical Curriculum
Philippine College of Medicine Course Packs
Health Profession Education
GS I Telehealth Program
GS I Training Program
Ospital ng Maynila Department of Surgery (2001-)
RJoson Telehealth Program
Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines
Individual Health Management
Community Health Management
Bicol Christian College of Medicine Curriculum
Southwestern University College of Medicine Curriculum (
Zamboanga Medical School Foundation
Hospital Administration
Quality Assurance Programs in Health Care
Multicenter Cooperative Collaborative Action Research Study
Cancer Crusaders Club


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Updated: December, 1999

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Social Responsiblity and Public Health Education Program


Routine, tradition-driven circumcision is NOT necessary anymore! STOP the practice!

Stoma Management in the Philippines

Stoma saves life. Learn how to live with it!

Beware of Santol Seed Swallowing!

Do not swallow santol seeds! They can perforate the intestines and cause premature death!


Primer on how to start and establish a private medical practice in the Philippines (December, 2002)

Health-Process-Evidence-based Clinical Practice Guidelines on Diagnosis of Thyroid Disorders (September, 2002)

R.O. Joson - nominated by UPCM Class 74 for UPMAS Outstanding Educator Award (Philippines) - 2003

Letter of Nomination - Dr. Rex Mendoza

ROJoson's July 2003 Curriculum Vitae

Mininum criteria for nomination met

edhedephi and impact

Public health education and advocacy

Primers, books, and other writings

Publications in medical journals

Feedback by students

Feedback on edhedephi project

Congratulatory Notes 

MDH Write-up by Rex Mendoza

Recognition by UPCM Mu Sigma Phi Batch 74 [Picture][Plague]

Pictorials of Awards (December 21, 2003)

RJOSON - with Plague

The Plague

RJOSON with Dean Tomas

RJOSON with other Awardees


Lakanbakor Feature

List of UPMAS 2003 Awardees

With Family

With Classmates

RJOSON - University of the Philippines Alumni Association 2004 Professional Awardee in the Field of Medicine

Justification for Award




RJoson - Consultant in :

  • General and Cancer Surgery (Specialty: Head and Neck, Thyroid, Breast, Abdomen, Gallbladder, Gastrointestinal Tract, Hernia, Skin and Soft Tissue)
  • Problem-based Learning in Medicine and Surgery
  • Distance Education in Medicine and Surgery
  • Hospital Quality Management System

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