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Congratulatory notes for Rey Joson on his being chosen UPMAS Outstanding Educator for 2003



Dear Class of 1974,

Another feather has been added to the class hat. For the second year in a row, UPMAS honors a classmate. Last year it was Soc Socrates who was selected as Outstanding Alumnus in the field of Community Service. This year, Rey Joson is selected as the UPMAS Outstanding Educator for 2003.

Our congratulations to Rey. To my mind, what clinched the recognition for Rey is his involvement in pioneering teaching and education campaigns outside of the UPCM and even outside of any classroom. His involvement in the set up of a totally problem oriented curriculum in the Zamboanga Medical School, his reviving the surgical training program of Ospital ng Maynila, his campaigns against circumcision swallowing of santol seeds, and many more initiatives must have convinced the UPMAS Awards Committee to give the honors to our classmate.

Rey, we share your honor. This will contribute heavily to any nomination for our class to be considered as Class of Year (maybe next year, during our 30th anniversary).

Best regards to all





Congratulations! I'm not surprised. You deserve it!






I know you have that big heart for the betterment of the Filipinos. Very few of your colleagues give their support but that didn't deter you from pursuing your vision. Kudos to you, Rey. God bless you and your family.

Rollie G. S.


Congratulations Rey, you have seriously dedicated your time for the improvement of medical education and community service for almost a quarter of a century, specifically in the outskirts of the country. The
Alumnus award is another jewel (I was present during Soc's awarding together with Jimmy, Johnny and Roland) for Class 74. We all take pride in it. Do carry on with this endeavor.

Jess Baylon




Dear Rey,

That's a real great and grand news. Three cheers! Two thumbs up! Toast to your success! You deserve it!!!! Keep up the good work.





Dear Rey,

I have always been awed by your untiring perseverance in pursuing your "mission" of searching and sharing simple but appropriate medical knowledge and knowhow for the Filipino. Thank you.





Congrats, Rey. I feel proud for you for such a well-deserved award. Class 74 is truly blessed to have you as a classmate. We can proudly say that our class have produced the likes of you, Soc, Jimmy, Johnnie, EdGon at maraming iba pa. I fully agree that we should aim for class of the year next year,
during our 30th anniversary.

Cesar H.



Dear Rey:

I hope it's not too late for me to congratulate you...You are the prime example of the saying: Silent waters run deep...When we were just medical students, you were always very quiet but very observant..I always had the suspicion that someday you would be noticed especially when you started the Drug Bank at Student Union Building...We are indeed very proud of you....

Your Brod and equally quiet classmate,



Dear Rey,


Am not surprised knowing your award. Truly, you deserve such accolade. Again , congratulations and we know there will be more of such from our class. Best regards.


Jossie & Buddy





Congratulations to Rey Joson! I follow his work with great interest in SARS ,the danger of swallowing santol seeds (which I printed in the last issue of The UPMASA), among others. Just reading his communications in our mu-loop makes me aware of certain health situations in the Philippines. Thanks you, Rey and more power to you!


Klasmeyt Rey,

Idagdag ko rin ang aking pagbati sa iyo. Tunay kang nagtataguyod ng edukasyong pang-masa. Mabuhay ka!

Klasmeyt Romy Q



Dear Brod Rey Joson,


Congratulations to you!

I am sure that you have done much more good than we have learned about!

Our profession thrives on respect because of passionate and compassionate workers like yourself.

My best wishes to you and your future visions.



Ala Miranda '75






To Mu '74 brods,

Call ako sa celebration for our batchmate Rey anytime, still may mas maganda na gawin ang batch, to witness the awarding come December 21(ba Rex?), isnt this year the 70th anniversary of the frat, an opportunity for batch 74 to meet again( the last time was when Nonong B was still with us, not everyone was able to go sa outing c/o Willy and Rey) Rex, start plannning na siguro.

Jess B


Dear Rey,


Congratulations for this recognition by our alma mater of your achievements and your role in making this world better in more ways than purely medical. Your advocacy against neworn and all circumcision is still on my menu. I haven;t been able to find the time to start it in POGS yet, considering that I am in the midst of starting my own women's advocacy campaign in POGS.

We are very proud of you and of all of the achievers of class 74. Mabuhay!!! WE will be there to be with you as you receive your award. You are an inspiration to us all.


God bless you.


Lyra and Cesar Chua