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Feedback from Students on Dr. Joson as a Faculty

(The few negative ones are not included but rest assured they have served as stimuli for improvement as well!)

“We would like to express our sincerest gratitude for your overwhelming diligence and fervor in trying to teach residents and medical students.  Medicine and surgery became an art through your supervision.  Sometimes the sessions felt too long or too simple, but in simplicity came understanding and reality.”

- Louie Agno, MD (PGH Surgical Resident)


“I am amazed how you structured and made simple to understand and comprehend the management of a patient process.”

- Nikki Magsanoc, MD (PGH Surgical Resident)


“Implement Dr. Joson’s evidence-based learning method of diagnosis.”

- UPCM Year V Preceptorial Student


“Why do you have a manual for everything?  They were very helpful.  Were you tasked to write them or you just wanted to write them?

- UPCM Year IV Preceptorial Student


“Very inspiring facilitator.”

- UPCM Year V Preceptorial Student


·         He is one of the most practical and logical doctors I have ever met. Hope he inspires more medical students.

·         He provides well-planned preceptorials

·         Ok kasi hindi tense yung atmosphere. We can relax and just ask him and listen to him. And very practical yung tinuturo niya.

·         More time for preceptorials: excellent preceptorials

- UPCM Year IV Preceptorial Students


·         I like the way Dr. Joson approached the case.  It is very efficient and practical.

·         Discussion is very logical and organized. Sessions on other topics should be handled this way to facilitate better learning.

·         I like the step-by-step approach of Sir!

- UPCM Year V Preceptorial Students


“Facilitator induced a stimulating atmosphere for learning not found in books.”

- UPCM Year V Preceptorial Student


“The topic was presented in a simple, organized and easy to understand way.” - UPCM Year IV Student on Dr. Joson’s lecture


“His ‘non-traditional’ approach is an excellent tool that we can practice.”

- UPCM Year VI Preceptorial Student