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Reynaldo O. Joson, MD, MHA, MHPEd, MS Surg (UPCM ’74)


Being nominated for:


Outstanding Educator (Philippines)


An award given to an alumnus/alumna who has devoted himself/herself largely to medical education and excelled in this endeavor in the Philippines.



Description of fulfillment

An alumnus/alumna of the UP College of Medicine.

UPCM Class 74

Nominated by an UPMAS member in good standing.

Dr. Rex Mendoza for UPCM Class 74

Must be of good moral and professional standing.

No case filed with PRC, PMA, and PCS;

Lifetime member, PMA and PCS;

Editorial Consultant, PCS Philippine Journal of Surgical Specialties (for the past 10 years) and UP Manila Journal (for the past 5 years); Assistant Medical Director, Manila Doctors Hospital (1989 – present);

Chairperson, Department of Surgery, Ospital ng Maynila Medical Center (2001 – present)

(see also his other professional accomplishments in the curriculum vitae and Appendix)

At least 10 years of teaching experience at a recognized medical school or institution.

Formal teaching appointment at UPCM started 1985 (18 years ago); now an associate professor in UPCM

Part-time or full-time faculty member, preferably the latter.

Part-time faculty, UP-CM (1985 to present)

Part-time faculty, UP-CPH (1993 to present)

Part-time faculty, UP-Open University (Faculty of Health Sciences) [1996 to present]

Exemplifies the qualities of a caring and compassionate mentor in the teaching and advising of medical students/health caregivers.

Facilitation and coaching approach in teaching-advising

         Structured and simplified approach

         Concept and principle teaching-learning

     Problem-based, competency-based,

          self-directed learning approach

         Use of self-instructional programs and


Distance education

Community-based or oriented learning approach

(see also his other educational achievements in the Appendix)

Possesses the personal qualities necessary to the practice of patient-centered medicine.

Advocate of:

Health-process-evidence-based clinical practice guidelines;

Management of a patient process (rational, effective, efficient, and humane process);

NO to routine/absolute approach to practice of medicine; YES to individualized management

(see details in the Appendix)

Received recognition through awards or citations for teaching from students or fellow faculty members.

Hall of Fame Award, Surgery Consultant, Department of Surgery, PGH 1986;

4th Dr. Rodolfo C. Dimayuga Memorial Lecturer, Angeles University College of Medicine, 2001;

Certificate of Recognition for Innovation in Medical Education, UPCM, 2001(Distance Education in General Surgery – An Innovation in Medical Education);

Diamond Jubilee Faculty Incentive Grant Awardee, 2003-2004

(see also students’ feedback on his instructional sessions in the Appendix)