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 Zamboanga Medical School Foundation

In 1994, I helped in the establishment of a new school in Zamboanga City and formulation of its curriculum which is community-based, competency-based, and problem-based learning.

In May, 2002, I had a chance to go back to Zamboanga and participated in the first alumni homecoming of the school. In the process, I interacted with the graduates and also, I learned from Dean Fortunato Cristobal what transpired in the school from its establishment to date.


Based on the data on the first 3 batches of graduates (1999 to 2001),

1. The graduate rate from the school was 60% (45/75).

2. The passing rate in the Philippine Board of Medicine exam was 84% (43/51).

3. The school has produced 19 MD with MPH (Master in Public Health).

4. Majority of the graduates are municipal health officers in Region 9 contributing to the health development in the region.


With these information, I can say that I have achieved the goal of Education for Health Development in the Philippines.


Reynaldo O. Joson, MD, MHA, MHPEd, MS Surg

July 30, 2002